Dégradé is the Art of Shading.

Neither black nor white, but everything in between. Fine lines, extra depth; the art of making the two-dimensional feel richer. To degrade something is to break it down, but dégradé is to build it up.

I have an unabashed love of embroidery, which I explored for a long time in my past career as a costume designer and fabricator, and for a time offered custom pieces - but the sometimes we need to explore other parts of ourselves, the things that thrive in the shade. I've long been examining the esoteric and arcane themes I explore in my acclaimed oracle reading practice, and ultimately chose to move from stitching-for-hire towards creating original pieces that examine both the beauty of tangible form and the unconscious mind while subverting themes traditional to the craft - while perfecting my craft.

Each piece is hand-rendered and unique, and I release new pieces as they are completed- please subscribe to receive updates as all completed works are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Commissions are not currently accepted, but should you want to order a piece that has sold or have a vision for something that you feel suits my style, please reach out to enquire about future availability as I'm often happy to revisit a previous work or begin  a collaboration.